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Isle of Wight Film Board

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Isle of Wight Film Board - Isle of Wight, England, UK. Phone: +44 01983 875378, +44 07836 761541 (Tim Bristow), email: enquiries@isleofwightfilmboard.co.uk

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Films and videos shot in Isle of Wight

“Cowes Week 2013 Local Southern Echo Report”

“Four in a Bed”

Featuring The Pilot Boat Inn, Bembridge, Isle of Wight, was broadcast 18-22nd February 2013 on Channel 4

“Panerai British Classic Week, Cowes 6-13 July 2013, Day 1”

Every year, in late July, the old port of Cowes on the isle of Wight, and the legendary waters of the Solent - the strait separating the island from England, famous for its unique combination of winds and tides - play host to the most important event in the United Kingdom for classic yachts, part of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge since 2010.

“The Red Arrows at Cowes Week” (2013)

Cowes Week Behind the Scenes 1998 Part 1 of 2 Documentary 1998 documentary about the behind the scenes running of Cowes Week, the largest sailing regatta in the world. The program follows the week of organizers, sailmakers, yachtsmen, bar owners, search and rescue helicopter staff, celebrities and the police. The first of two programs.

“Bestival 2013 Chic Good Times” (2013)

“Bestival 2013 Praise You FatBoy Slim” (2013)

The part of FatBoy Slim's Bestival Birthday Bash set at Bestival 2013 in which Resonate sang an arrangement by director Hannah Brear, of Praise You. Resonate were backed by members of the Medina Community Choir and RobdaBank was playing piano.

“Mini Bricks Stop Motion Animation” (January 2013)

Produced and edited with original music by EspadaRolls in Ryde Isle of Wight.

“Par Avion” (2013, TV Series) - Episode: “Angleterre: De Chichester a l'Ile de Wight” (2013)

Directed by Christophe Brunet and Cyril Thomas. Starring Vincent Nguyen / Documentary / 26 mins.

“Prologue” (2013, Short Film)

A journey not tied to a notion of time... But through it... Directed by Joe Morey and Nick Stotesbury. Starring Nick Stotesbury, Joe Morey / Fantasy, Sci-Fi / 5 mins.

“Kir Royale” (2012, Short Film)

Directed by Rupert Smith. Starring Karl-Line Heller, Rory Mackay / Action

“Bestival 2012 Good Times” (2012)

“Isle of Wight Film Festival 2012” (2012)

“P1 SuperStock UK Cowes Race” (2012)

Round 4 of the 2012 P1 SuperStock Championship featuring the marathon race Cowes-Poole-Cowes.

“The Early Leaders - J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race” (2012)

Action from the Early Leaders and 1st rounding's at the needles from the J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island race 2012.

“The Isle of Wight Festival 2012 Highlights” (2012)

“Views of the Isle of Wight” (2012)

Music video, December 2012, Bembridge, Isle of Wight

“A Darker Shade of Wight” (2012)

Director Arron Swaffar tells the tale of the decay and collapse of the tourist industry of this little island off the south coast of England... Directed by Arron Swaffar. Starring Arron Swaffar, Dennis Swaffar, Martin Johnson / Documentary / 40 mins.

“Here 2 Help” (2011, TV Series) - Episode #1.5 (2011)

Starring Peter Andre, Michael Andre, Carl Machin / Reality TV

“Wild Bill” (2011)

Out on parole after 8 years inside Bill Hayward returns home to find his now 11 and 15 year old sons... Directed by Dexter Fletcher. Starring Charlie Creed-Miles, Will Poulter, Sammy Williams / Drama / 98 mins.

“Autumn Winter 2011 Collection” (2011, Short film)

The filming took place in a fantastic location called The Mission, just outside Chale on the Isle of Wight.

“Wight Film Network February 2011” (2011)

Wight Film Network's screening of local films took place on Saturday, February 19th, 2011. It was a mix of quality films, comedy and documentaries that highlight the Isle of Wight, its people and its talent. Shown on the big screen in the Anthony Minghella Theatre at Quay Arts.

“We Once Were Tide” (2011, Short Film)

Set on the Isle of Wight, the film tells the story of Anthony and Kyle, and their last night together... Directed by Jason Bradbury. Starring Mandy Aldridge, Tristan Bernays, Alexander Scott / Drama / 18 mins.

“Yacht hit by Tanker Cowes Week 2011” (2011)

“The IBM Summit - The Eco Island Partnership CIC” (2011)

“The Isle of Wight Festival 2011 Highlights”

“All Over the Place” (2011, TV Series) - Episode: “Scary Castles, Teapots and Onion Eating!” (2011)

The gang explore fun places to visit in the UK. Directed by Natalie Moss. Starring Ed Petrie, Richard McCourt, Johny Pitts / Adventure, Comedy, Family / 25 mins.

“All Over the Place” (2011, TV Series) - Episode: “Cuckoo Clocks, Chimps, Pantomime Horses!” (2011)

The gang explore fun places to visit in the UK. Directed by Natalie Moss. Starring Ed Petrie, Barney Harwood, Gemma Hunt / Adventure, Comedy, Family / 25 mins.

“V Fringe Festival Taster” (2010)

Shoot crew: Callum Murphy, Nigel Bulloch, Alex Welsford, Mhairi Macaulay. Camera: Matt Steen, Andrew Wilks

“The Isle of Wight Festival 2010 Sunday Highlights” (2010)

“The Isle of Wight Festival 2010 Saturday Highlights” (2010)

“Isle of Wight Festival 2010: Live” (2010, TV Special)

Directed by Matt Askem and Kieran Evans. Starring Fearne Cotton, Rufus Hound, Dave Berry / Music

“Grand Designs” (1999, TV Series) - Episode: “The Tree House, Isle of Wight” (2010)

With: Kevin McCloud / Documentary / 50 mins.

“The Memos” (2009, Video)

This documentary-feature contains scenes of an adult nature, coarse language; male and female nudity and violence... Directed by Nick Peterson. Starring Alien Virtual, Jonathan Cross, Dolly di Rosso / Drama / 120 mins.

“The Victorians” (2009, TV Series) - Episode: “Home Sweet Home” (2009)

Jeremy Paxman, presenter of the BBC's current affairs program Newsnight examines the life and times of the Victorian era... Directed by Kate Misrahi. Starring Jeremy Paxman, Tom Reeves, Alan Bates / Documentary / 59 mins.

“Charles Dickens' England” (2009)

The film looks at the places Charles Dickens lived and worked and how he used them in his novels and stories. Directed by Julian Richards. Starring Lee Ault, Thelma Grove, Roy Hattersley / Documentary / 120 mins.

“Come Dine with Me” (2008, TV Series) - Episode #3.8 (2009)

The four contestants, all from the Isle of Wight, are: aspiring actress Charlotte Barton-Hoare, a romantic who is looking for a "Mr... Directed by Paul Bithrey. Starring Dave Lamb, Charlotte Barton-Hoare, Michael Coombes / Game show, Reality TV / 48 mins.

“Far from the Sodding Crowd” (2009, Short Film)

A light-hearted look at some of the odd and quirky attractions in the UK such as The National Gas Museum, Gnome Magic, Bekonscot Model Village, The Bakelite Museum and Blackgang Chine. Directed by Chris Bevan Lee / 21 mins.

“Bestival 2009” (2009, TV)

Directed by Matt Askem and Kieran Evans. Starring Florence Welch, Florence and the Machine, Mika / Music

“Spitfire Flying Around the Isle of Wight, Schneider Trophy Red Bull” (2008, Video)

Celebrating the return of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship to London on August 2-3, 2008, World Championship leader Paul Bonhomme took the controls of a 1940's Spitfire to try his hand at 'air racing' of a different kind. Bonhomme's aim was to test the speed and agility of the Spitfire, against a modern day plane designed specifically for the Red Bull Air Race, the MX2, piloted by his World Championship opponent Nigel Lamb.

“Freshwater” (2008, Short Film)

Directed by Nigel Taylor. Starring Sebastian Street, Simon Rhodes, Matthew Neal / Drama / 15 mins.

“Never Quite the Same” (2008)

Story about someone who committed suicide in 1986. A couple of friends go back in time to 1984 to prevent it happening. Directed by Paul Vernon / Sci-Fi / 126 mins.

“Speed of Light” (2007)

Two brothers land on an island and discover a huge and derelict warehouse. They discover what could happen at the Speed of Light... Directed by Nick Peterson. Starring Jenia Emmanuelle, Alex Hall, Vincent X. Hall / Drama, Thriller

“Tiger Island” (2007, TV Series)

A first in a new series, which follows the day-to-day lives of the keepers and their 29 exotic big cats at the Isle of the Wight Tiger Sanctuary... Directed by Andrew Miles / Documentary / 23 mins.

“We Fall” (2007, Short Film)

Directed by Mark Collins. Starring Brady Brown, Les Maxwell, Mansoor Mir / 1 min.

“Static” (2006, Short Film)

In a world where compassion is a crime, what happens to our deepest emotions? One man falls in love, against all the rules - he must fight against all the odds. Directed by Jason Bradbury. Starring Joe Gallup, Chris Graves, Katie Grieve / Fantasy / 15 mins.

“The Toughest Girl in the World” (2006, Short Film)

A coming of age drama set in a small seaside town which explores the frustrations of a young bully as she struggles to accept her femininity. Directed by Nicola Mills. Starring Sara Dylan, Tommy Luther, Christopher Martin / Drama

“Seven Natural Wonders of the South” (2005)

Introduced by Professor Aubrey Manning, it is a personal journey around Southern England... Directed by Peter Dobson. Starring Aubrey Manning / Documentary / 30 mins.

“Nothing Is Easy: Jethro Tull Live at the Isle of Wight 1970” (2005)

The year is 2004 and Ian Anderson is reflecting on the night he performed with Jethro Tull at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970. Directed by Murray Lerner. Starring Ian Anderson, Martin Barre, Clive Bunker / Documentary / 80 mins.

“Fragile” (2005)

At her new job in a rundown children's hospital, a nurse desperately tries to keep her patients safe from a plague of random, mysterious attacks. Directed by Jaume Balaguero. Starring Calista Flockhart, Richard Roxburgh, Elena Anaya and Yasmin Murphy / Thriller, Horror / 101 mins.

“Wakey Wakey Campers!” (2005, TV Series)

Fifty modern holidaymakers have agreed to swap their normal two weeks of freedom for the regimented and wholesome experience at Sunshine Camp. Starring Debbie Chazen, Stan Boardman, Roy Hudd / Reality TV / 48 mins.

“British Isles: A Natural History” (2004, TV Series)

Starring Alan Titchmarsh / Documentary / 480 mins.

“Amnesia” (2004, TV)

An amnesiac might be a key figure in detective Mackenzie Stone's search for his own wife, who disappeared five years ago. Directed by Nicholas Laughland. Starring John Hannah, Jemma Redgrave, Anthony Calf / Romance, Thriller / 180 mins.

“Penetration Angst” (2003)

In the vein of Audition and Hostel. Helen finds herself having intimacy problems with men. Her private... Directed by Wolfgang Bueld. Starring Paul Conway, Fiona Horsey, Philip Hayden / Comedy, Horror / 102 mins.

“Cutting Edge” (1990, TV Series) - Episode: “Love” (2002)

Joanne, Jon and Wendy are convinced that they have found the love of their lives. They make personal sacrifices to pursue love but, were they blinded by love? Directed by Sue Bourne. Starring Hermione Gulliford / Documentary

“New Year's Day” (2001)

Many shots of drug taking underneath Ryde pier. Written by Ralph Brown. Directed by Suri Krishnammo. Starring Andrew Lee Potts, Bobby Barry, Jacqueline Bisset, Anastasia Hille, Michael Kitchen, Sue Johnston, Ralph Brown and Marianne Jean-Baptiste / Comedy, Drama

“One Hit Wonderland” (2001, Mini-Series)

Directed by Matt Bjerregaard. Starring Tony Hawks, Simon Cowell, Mark King

“Reach for the Moon” (2000, TV mini-series)

Directed by Rob Evans and Joanna Hogg. Starring Jonathan Kerrigan, Lynda Bellingham, Lucy Cohu. The series takes place in England, against the beautifully lush backdrop of the Isle of Wight. The story follows students of the local school, the teachers and the students' parents, as they navigate life and try to figure out life, love and everything else. New relationships and rivalries unfold every day, including the troubled relationship between Penny (Lynda Bellingham) and her son Paul (Jonathan Kerrigan) / Drama, Romance / 350 mins.

“A History of Britain” (2000, TV Series)

A comprehensive historical survey of the British Isles. Starring Simon Schama, Michael Kitchen, Samuel West / Documentary, History / 60 mins.

“What Sank the Mary Rose?” (2000)

Directed by Peter Bate. Starring Jonathan Adams, Christopher Dobbs, Dominic Fontana / Documentary / 50 mins.

“Country House” (1999, TV Series)

“Guest House Paradiso” (1999)

Written by Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson. Adrian Edmondson's directorial debut for a feature film. Starring Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson, Vincent Cassel, Helene Mahieu, Bill Nighy, Simon Pegg, Fenella Fielding and Lisa Palfrey. Produced by Phil McIntyre. The film is based on two unemployed slackers, who have sacrificed their grotty London flat for an even grottier South Coast motel, the worst guest house in the United Kingdom. The walls are rotting, and the location is adjacent to a nuclear power station. The light switches turn themselves off, the kitchen staff are dependant alcoholics and the children's play area hangs precariously on the edge of a cliff. / Dark comedy / 89 mins.

“The Winslow Boy” (1999)

An adaptation of Terence Rattigan's play "The Winslow Boy" by American director David Mamet. Starring Gemma Jones, Rebeca Pidgeon, Matthew Pidgeon, Guy Edwards, Jeremy Northam and Nigel Hawthorne. The film is based on the fight for justice against the Royal Naval Academy. Arthur Winslow (Hawthorne) when toasting his daughter Catherine's engagement is informed of his 13-year-old son, Ronnie's expulsion for stealing five shillings from the Naval academy. When questioned regarding the missing money, Ronnie claims innocence regarding the matter. Arthur Winslow risks prosperity, physical well-being, and his daughter's future to pursue what he believes justice. / Drama, Romance / 104 mins.

“Listening to You: The Who at the Isle of Wight 1970” (1998)

This is the film of The Who's appearance at the third (and final) Isle of Wight festival in 1970. This is regarded as the band's finest performance. Directed by Murray Lerner. Starring Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Keith Moon / Documentary, Music / 85 mins.

Cowes Week Behind the Scenes Part 2 (1998)

“Mrs Brown” (1997)

Starring Judy Dench and Billy Connolly was based on events surrounding Osborne House at the time of Queen Victoria's reign. The film is set in and around Osborne house. The story is based around the period after Prince Albert's death, where Victoria is in inconsolable circumstances, and is incapable of performing her expected duties, such as the opening of State Parliament. As a result, Her Majesty's secretary, Sir Henry Ponsonby, is forced to summon John Brown from Balmoral to aid the Queen in her time of grief.

“Message to Love: The Isle of Wight Festival” (1997)

In August 1970, 600,000 fans flocked to the Isle of Wight to witness the third and final festival to be held on the island... Directed by Murray Lerner. Starring Ian Anderson, Joan Baez, Martin Barre / Documentary, History, Music / 127 mins.

“Henry VIII” (1997, Mini-Series)

Directed by Roger Thomas. Starring Sean Barrett, Sally Grace, Gary Martin / Documentary / 50 mins.

“Network First: Victoria and Albert” (1997, Mini-Series)

Directed by Michael Beckham. Starring Avril Angers, Rhoda Lewis, Sian Phillips / Biography, History / 60 mins.

Starring Grant Harrold, Jancis Robinson / Documentary

“The English Patient” (1996)

“The English Patient” is regarded as Minghella's best work. An epic love story immaculately cast, produced and directed, “The English Patient” swept the board at the Oscars and underlines why Minghella's death at the early age of 54 is a tragic loss to the world of cinema. When Island-born director, Anthony Minghella scooped nine Oscars for “The English Patient” in 1997, he pronounced it “a great day for the Isle of Wight.” Only his third feature film, the success of “The English Patient” brought worldwide renown to the director and, indeed, to his home town. Set in the Second World War, “The English Patient” stars Ralph Fiennes, Kirsten Scott Thomas, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe, Naveen Andrews and Colin Firth. It features wartime footage of the Isle of Wight as well as cameo roles for his parents Edward and Gloria Minghella.

“Time Team” (1994, TV Series)

With: Tony Robinson, Phil Harding, John Gater / Documentary, History / 55 mins.

“Lady Chatterley” (1993, TV Series)

Lady Constance Chatterley is married to the handicapped Sir Clifford Chatterley, who was wounded in the First World War... Starring Joely Richardson, Sean Bean, James Wilby / Drama, Romance / 205 mins.

“Lady Chatterley” (1993)

A TV film by Ken Russell with Sean Bean and Joely Richardson.

“Road to Mandalay” (1991)

Directed by Ken Russell. Starring June Codd, Muriel Codd, Ken Russell / Documentary

“Ruth Rendell Mysteries” (1987, TV Series) - Episode: “A New Lease of Death: Part One” (1991)

Wexford's first ever successful murder case comes back to haunt him when a vicar starts to rake up the past. Was the man hanged on Wexford's evidence actually innocent? Directed by Herbert Wise. Starring George Baker, Christopher Ravenscroft, Peter Egan / Crime, Drama, Mystery / 51 mins.

“Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight” (1991)

Directed by Murray Lerner. Starring Jimi Hendrix, Billy Cox, Mitch Mitchell / Documentary, Music / 56 mins.

“Brush Strokes” (1986, TV Series) - Episode #3.6 (1989)

Veronica joins Bainbridges. Elmo goes to Australia. Jacko looks for the missing piece of the jigsaw. Directed by Harold Snoad. Starring Karl Howman, Gary Waldhorn, Elizabeth Counsell / Comedy / 30 mins.

“Howards' Way” (1985, TV Series)

Tom Howard is made redundant from his job as a senior aircraft designer and decides to invest his skill... With: Jan Harvey, Stephen Yardley, Glyn Owen Drama 50 mins.

“Treasure Hunt” (1982, TV Series) - Episode: “Isle of Wight” (1985)

Helicopter skyrunner Anneka Rice races against the clock to find directions to treasure at locations worked out by studio guests from cryptic clues. Directed by Chris Gage. Starring Anneka Rice, Kenneth Kendall, Wincey Willis / Game show / 60 mins.

“The Wildcats of St. Trinian's” (1980)

The girls of St. Trinian's decide they are being asked to do too much work so they go on strike. Directed by Frank Launder. Starring Sheila Hancock, Michael Hordern, Joe Melia / Comedy / 91 mins.

“Shoestring” (1979, TV Series) - Episode: “An Uncertain Circle” (1979)

Marion Cutler asks Eddie to trace her boyfriend, Nick Forrest, who has disappeared from the coastal caravan park where he was staying... Directed by Mike Vardy. Starring Trevor Eve, Michael Medwin, Doran Godwin / Drama / 50 mins.

“Grange Hill” (1978, TV Series) - Episode #12.14

Trevor's drinking gets him into a dangerous situation. At the barbecue, Calley goes cold on Robbie, and Mandy discovers the original reason that Gonch asked her out. Directed by Robert Gabriel. Starring John Abbott, John Alford, Ruth Carraway / Family / 30 mins.

“Grange Hill” (1978, TV Series) - Episode #12.13

Gonch sees Mandy in a new light on the Isle of Wight trip. Georgina's been getting weird notes from an admirer, and Trevor keeps losing his beer. Directed by Robert Gabriel. Starring John Alford, Ruth Carraway, George Christopher / Family / 30 mins.

“Julia” (1977)

At the behest of an old and dear friend, playwright Lillian Hellman undertakes a dangerous mission to smuggle funds into Nazi Germany. Directed by Fred Zinnemann. Starring Jane Fonda, Vanessa Redgrave, Jason Robards / Drama / 117 mins.

“Savage Man Savage Beast” (1975)

A notorious mondo film depicting unbelievable and bizarre rituals, animal killing and cruelty, and people being killed and eaten, all by either animals or humans against each other or themselves. Directed by Antonio Climati and Mario Morra. Starring Alberto Moravia, Pit Dernitz / Documentary, Horror / 94 mins.

“The Doll” (1975, TV Series)

Directed by David Askey. Starring Anouska Hempel, Sarah Brackett, Ray Callaghan / 55 mins.

“That'll Be the Day” (1974)

Directed by Claude Whatham and Michael Apted. Starring Ringo Star, David Essex, Rosemary Leech, Billy Fury, Keith Moon. The story is based on a working class boy desperate to leave his fairground dead-end job and become a rock 'n' role star. Abandoned as a child, Jim has a rebellious view of school and exams. By chance, he comes across a guitar and in a wave of rebellion drops school and attempts to advance his career. Two short scenes from the 1974 movie "That'll Be the Day" showing scenes at Puckpool Park near Ryde.

“Jimi Hendrix” (1973)

This documentary was made three years after Jimi Hendrix's untimely death. At the time it was an example of how a visual biography should be done... Directed by Joe Boyd, John Head. Starring Arthur Allen, Albert Allen, Stella Benabon / Documentary, Biography, Music / 98 mins.

“That'll Be the Day” (1973)

Abandoned by his father at an early age, Jim MacLaine seems to have inherited the old man's restlessness... Directed by Claude Whatham. Starring David Essex, Ringo Starr, Rosemary Leach / Drama, Music / 91 mins.

“Something to Hide” (1972)

A man having marital problems with his shrewish wife picks up a young, pretty and pregnant hitchhiker. Before he knows it, he's in over his head and mixed up in violence and murder. Directed by Alastair Reid. Starring Peter Finch, Shelley Winters, Colin Blakely Crime / Drama, Thriller / 99 mins.

“Endless Night” (1972)

Based on an Agatha Christie suspense novel, a newly-wed couple are threatened after building their dream home on cursed land. Directed by Sidney Gilliat. Starring Hayley Mills, Hywel Bennett, Britt Ekland / Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller / 99 mins.

“Doctor Who” (1963, TV Series) - Episode: “The Sea Devils: Episode One” (1972)

The Doctor and Jo visit the Master at his island prison where the Doctor becomes curious about a number of ships sinking in the area. Directed by Michael E. Briant. Starring Jon Pertwee, Roger Delgado, Katy Manning / Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi / 25 mins.

“River Yar” (1972, Short Film)

Directed by William Raban, Chris Welsby / 35 mins.

“Shattered” / "Something to Hide" (1972)

The 70's British thriller that was also released under title “Something to Hide.” This film follows the slow disintegration of a man's ( Peter Finch ) life due to the problems brought on by his troubled marriage, his drinking, and the appearance of a strange hitchhiker ( Linda Hayden ). Before he knows it, he's in over his head and mixed up in violence and murder. Set in and around Bembridge Harbour.

“Freewheelers” (1968, TV Series) - Episode: “Doomsday” (1971)

Nero is becoming increasingly insane, Buchan and his team must prevent him from destroying the world. Starring Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Jerome Willis, Wendy Padbury / Family / 30 mins.

“The Isle of Wight Festival” (1970)

A BBC documentary made about the ill-fated Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 at Afton Farm Nr Freshwater featuring Jimi Hendrix, Procul Harem, The Doors, Who, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Moody Blues, Free, Arthur Brown, Ten Years After, Joan Baez and many more. Over 600,000 festival goers visited the Isle of Wight (population 120,000) / 2 hours

“The Isle of Wight Festival 1970” (1970, Short)

“Powerboat Racing Cowes 1960s”

A short video of Brave class patrol boats and the Cowes Torquay offshore powerboat races of the 1960s.

“Les Miserables” (1967, Mini-Series)

Starring Frank Finlay, Anthony Bate, Alan Rowe / Drama / 50 mins.

“Let Me Tell You” (1967 Mini-Series) - Episode: “Isle of Wight” (1967)

With: Meryl O'Keeffe Family / 30 mins.

“Doctor Who” (1963, TV Series)

The adventures of an eccentric renegade time traveling alien and his companions. Starring William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee / Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi / 45 mins.

“The Great Yarmouth Herring Fisheries” / Documentary

“Twin Fleets at Cowes” (1905) / Documentary

“The Man Who Walked”

An independent film made on the Isle of Wight. The Man Who Walked is about a man that has a breakdown at work. He walks away from everything in a confused state of mind. His wife is going out of her mind with worry. When he returns a week later he can't recall where he has been. He can't imagine how this has affected his wife or what comes next. It features some stunning location shots and was made really as a hymn to the land of the Isle of Wight.

“Isle of Wight in the Past” Part 3

A look back at the days of steam and railway journeys to and around the Isle of Wight. Edited from old archive footage.

“Isle of Wight in the Past” Part 2

A trip down memory lane with vintage film of “The Island” in the 1950's & 1960's. Back when the Isle of Wight was an exotic destination.

“Isle of Wight in the Past” Part 1

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