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Films and videos shot in Faroe Islands

Summarnátt / Summer Night (2012, Short Film)

Set in the barren nature of Faroe Islands, “Summer Night” is a sensitive coming of age film on girls and their relationships, marking the possible end of a platonic relationship and the beginning of deep-felt love. Directed by Sakaris Stora. Starring Gwenael Akira Helmsdal Carré, Renata Jensen, Armgarð G. Mortensen / Drama, Romance / 17 mins.

Mist (2012, Short Film)

A girl is troubled by childhood memories of her mother's battle with an inherent disease. Memories get mixed up with reality. She finds peace with escaping into a different world. Directed by Andrias Høgenni and Annika Álofti. Starring Annika Álofti, Tóri í Hoyvík, Beinta Sørensen / Drama / 13 mins.

Gló(ð) (2012, Short Film)

A girl walks into a small cottage in a remote place. Inside the cottage a pair of ballet shoes lie in front of her... Directed by Maria Winther Olsen and Sára Wang. Starring Elin Jacobsen, Elin Mørkøre Dalberg, Jenny Viderø Gunnarsson / 10 mins.

Karmok (2012, Short Film)

Karmok is an experimental short film that embrace and discover movement through camera. Directed by Rannvà Káradóttir and Marianna Mørkøre. Starring Kristina Sørensen Ougaard, Matilde Wendelboe Dresler / Mystery / 5 mins.

Ávegis (2011, Short Film)

Three friends wander through Tórshavn after a failed attempt to party. Directed by Andrias Høgenni. Starring Beinta Clothier, Hallur Hjalgrímsson Djurhuus, Jóhan Herlon Jacobsen / 22 mins.

Magma (2010, Short Film)

Magma is the first film in a greater series of experimental short films that embrace and discover movement through camera. Directed by Rannvá Káradóttir and Marianna Mørkøre. Starring Armgarð Mortensen, Sadie S.V. Niclasen, BúI Rouch / Mystery / 6 mins.

Pequeñas Voces 3D (2010)

Directed by Jairo Eduardo Carrillo / Documentary, Animation, War / 85 mins.

Sporini Vaksa Úr Orðum (2009)

Gentle and tough. Fragile and existentially hard hitting. Those are a few of many labels you can put on Joanes Nielsen... Directed by Katrin Ottarsdóttir / Documentary, Biography / 77 mins.

No One Can Achieve Perfection (2008)

Directed by Katrin Ottarsdóttir. Starring Hans Pauli Olsen / Documentary, Biography / 85 mins.

Bye Bye Bluebird (1999)

After having lived for a number of year's abroad, the two friends Rannvá and Barba return for a visit to their native country... Directed by Katrin Ottarsdóttir. Starring Hildigunn Eyðfinsdóttir, Sigri Mitra Gaïni, Johan Dalsgaard / Comedy, Drama / 97 mins.

Manden Der Fik Lov At Gå (1995)

Directed by Katrin Ottarsdóttir. Starring Anneli Aeristos, Nora Bærentsen, Sverri Egholm / Drama / 60 mins.

Ævintýri á Norðurslóðum (1992)

Directed by Marius Olsen and Katrin Ottarsdóttir. Starring Edda Heidrún Backman, Bessi Bjarnason, Arnar Jónsson / Fantasy / 89 mins.

Atlantic Rhapsody - 52 Myndir Úr Tórshavn (1990)

Presents a day in the life of a few inhabitants of Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands: A father and his daughter... Directed by Katrin Ottarsdóttir. Starring Páll Danielsen, Erling Eysturoy, Elin K. Mouritsen / Comedy, Drama / 80 mins.

Dagur & Vika (1984, TV Series)

With: Sigrn H. Brend, Johnsigurd Johannesen, Annika Bolton Mortensen / News / 30 mins.

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