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Carmike Cinemas

Carmike Cinemas, Inc. is an American movie theater operator headquartered in Columbus, Georgia. It currently operates 311 theaters in 37 states, making it the fourth largest theater company in the United States. Carmike theaters are largely positioned in rural or suburban areas. Most of its older theaters are six or eight auditoriums deep.

Carmike was founded when its present President and CEO, Michael W. Patrick, and his father, Carl L. Patrick, Sr. acquired Martin Theatres from Fuqua Industries in 1982.

The theater name comes from a combination of Carl L. Patrick, Sr.'s two sons, Carl Jr. and Michael, hence Carmike.

In 2006, Carmike Cinemas launched a contract with Christie Digital Systems to convert all its auditoriums to Texas Instruments DLP projection technology over the course of the next few years.

Carmike Cinemas, Inc. - 1301 First Ave, Columbus, GA 31901. Phone: 706 576-3400, fax: 706 576-2812








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