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Regal Entertainment Group

Regal Entertainment Group operates the largest and most geographically diverse theater circuit in the United States, consisting of 6,388 screens in 527 theaters in 39 states and the District of Columbia as of December 27, 2007, with over 242 million annual attendees for the fiscal year ended December 27, 2007.

The company operates multi-screen theaters and has an average of 12.1 screens per location, which is well above the North American motion picture exhibition industry 2006 average of 6.5 screens per location.

Regal's geographically diverse circuit includes theaters in all of the top 33 and 44 of the top 50 U.S. designated market areas.

Regal Entertainment Group - 7132 Regal Lane Knoxville, Tennessee 37918. Phone: 1 865 922-1123, fax: 1 865 922-3188, 1-877-TELLREGAL or 1-877-835-5734 (customer relations), 1 866-REGALEG or 1-866-734-2534 (investor hotline), 1 865 925-9539 (press inquiries)








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