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Producers Guild of America

Producers Guild of America is a trade organization representing around 4,000 television producers, film producers and New Media producers. The guild provides seminars, programs and special screenings, and offers some benefits to its members.

The PGA started as two separate organizations, with the Screen Producers Guild being formed in 1950. Its first president was William Perlberg.

In 1957, some of television producers formed the Television Producers Guild with Ben Brady as its first president.

In 1962, the Screen Producers Guild and the Television Producers Guild merged to create the Producers Guild of America.

In 1983, a group of associate producers of videotape television formed the American Association of Producers (AAP). Gayle Maffeo was the first president.

In 2001, the PGA merged with the American Association of Producers (AAP) enabling the guild to represent all members of the producing team; and PGA East office was established in New York.

In 2002, the guild formed its New Media Council in order to better represent producers working in emerging media such as Internet entertainment, interactive television, DVDs and console games.

Producing Team

Executive Producers


Co-Executive Producers

Supervising Producers

Senior Producers

Line Producers


Associate Producers

Segment Producers

Field Producers

Story Producers

Production Managers

Visual Effects Producers, Supervisors, & Coordinators

Post-Production Supervisors & Managers

Production & Post-Production Coordinators

The PGA Councils

The Producers Council (representing producers, executive producers and co-producers)

The AP Council (representing associate producers, production managers, production supervisors, segment and field producers, production coordinators, visual effects producers and post-production staff)

The New Media Council

PGA Awards

The most important event of the guild is the PGA Awards. The PGA Awards was originally established in 1990 as the Golden Laurel Awards. The annual ceremony has been hosted by presenters including Ronald Reagan, Ted Turner, Garry Marshall, Robert Guillaume, Nick Clooney, Jack Lemmon, James Earl Jones, Grant Tinker, Michael Douglas, Walter Matthau, Shirley MacLaine, Marlo Thomas and others.

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Producers Guild of America, Inc. - 8530 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 450, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Email: info@producersguild.org

Events, committee info, screenings: Kyle Katz - kyle@producersguild.org

Qualification criteria, membership applications: Bryce Averitt - bryce@producersguild.org

Press inquiries: Chris Green - chris@producersguild.org

Lara Schoenhals, Sponsorship Manager - lara@producersguild.org

Executive Coordinator: Jo-Ann West - joann@producersguild.org

New York office / PGA East - 100 Avenue of the Americas, Room 12-40, New York, NY 10013. Email: pga-ny@producersguild.org

Mitzie Rothzeid, Director, PGA East - mrothzeid@producersguild.org

Patrick Gerety, Office Manager - pgerety@producersguild.org

PGA East Chair: John Hadity - jhadity@producersguild.org

PGA East Vice Chair: Dana Kuznetzkoff - dkuznetzkoff@producersguild.org

PGA East Vice Chair: Mark Marabella - mmarabella@producersguild.org

San Francisco office: Amy Jacobson Kurokawa, PGA SF Chair - amy@producersguild.org




2010 PGA Awards





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